The One Reason Why . . .

“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will work.”

You might have come across this statement before. DSC_0179Maybe while scrolling through your Facebook feed or at work walking past an inspiring photograph inscribed with the statement. The combination of words and image may have caught your attention and given you a jolt of excitement—energized by the sense of possibility. The moment probably faded as you walked into your meeting or changed focus to email. It was time to get things done. I get it. This bold, out of the box, thinking has a time and place, but where is that? It’s probably not in the midst of practical every day living—when watching the kids at a ball game, in the midst of preparing dinner, or during a status meeting at work—when you need to be present and get things done.

But when can it be applied?

Maybe the statement doesn’t have a place in today’s world? Maybe it belongs in an idealized day dreamy world where it’s cool to read and consider the possibly, but that’s the extent of its usefulness. Maybe its day has come? Let’s not talk about the “right” time to consider. Instead, let’s focus on the statement as the starting point for out of the box thinking. What if you took this statement to heart, as a spark of inspiration, and applied it? What could you make happen? “Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will work.” The essence of these words is the potential for where they can lead which won’t be completely understood before they’re asked and then more importantly experienced.

The One Reason Why

I asked myself this question at a cross road in my health. My body was spiraling toward paralysis, and I was desperate to find a way to improve my condition. I had exhausted traditional allopathic ways. I needed a way to re-ignite hope and searched for a way to stop the progression. I began to open my mind by asking this question and found a number of stories about people who had improved their MS through dietary and lifestyle change combined with determination and mindfulness.

The Result

It wasn’t the easy path or a quick fix. It seemed impossible at the start. It hadn’t been researched nor had it received a seal of approval by the FDA. There were a number of reasons not to do it, but it had the one thing I needed—the potential to lead to an improved state. There was no harm in making these changes; they weren’t a medication that had the potential to cause unwanted side effects. The only downside is that the changes wouldn’t work. In that case, I would be in the same place I was before I started– spiraling toward paralysis, desperate to find a way to improve my condition. It took a number of years and a lot of work and determination. It involved repeated changes in thought, habit, action, and desire, but I found improved health and a more VIBRANT life.

It all started by asking, “Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will work.” I didn’t just ask the question once, nine years ago to begin my journey. I asked this same question when I decided to write a book; then again when I decided to self-publish; then when I decided to launch a new company. I have asked the question a number of times in the past ten years. There have been road blocks, and I have stumbled, but the act of asking the question has brought about shifts that have brought me closer to my goal.

Do you take time to consider the possibilities? Maybe you do, have you come across anything that you feel strongly enough to suspend judgments about the reasons it won’t work? Do you have something in mind? What is keeping you from making it happen?

Christy Newlin
Christy Newlin

Great post, Jon. When you want something for yourself or others open your eyes and your heart.


Thank you Jon :) your posts inspire me, keep them coming!


Hi Jon,

Your message is very inspiring :), as someone who suffers from a chronic neurological disorder (Wilson's disease), I know how hard it can be to push through the physical barriers to accomplish your goals.

I guess one of the things that is stopping me from reaching my new goals is my physical body. My brain is planning, concocting and going full speed ahead but it is always waiting impatiently for my body to catch up

jonchandonnet moderator

@DahliaMikha I so appreciate hearing from you Dahlia. I hope you the best. You're in my prayers. Jon