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The 7 VIBRANTs. Energy to Naturally Fuel Your Life.

How Body Energy Powers Life

            Life’s Energy and Energy’s life. Obvious, probably . . . but have you ever really thought about it? Energy fuels cars, heats homes, washes clothes and chills food. Energy powers our life. But there’s a more important application of energy than to power things and that’s energy to naturally […]

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How to Shine a VIBRANT Shine

Do You Shine a VIBRANT Shine? You might say, “Sounds alluring, but what exactly does it means to Shine a VIBRANT Shine?” What It Doesn’t Mean We’ll start with what it doesn’t mean. Shining a VIBRANT shine is the opposite of distraction and unconscious consumption of messages blasting at every turn. It doesn’t mean mindlessly […]

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7 VIBRANTs: The Secrets to Living a Great Life


The 7 VIBRANTs are at the heart of what I’ve come to realize about nurturing an environment that allows me to live my best life. I’m building a business around the 7 VIBRANTs. I’ve registered a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. I’ve developed assessment tools that allow people to get a sense […]

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The 7 VIBRANTs, The Essence of What I learned

The 7 VIBRANTs are the heart of what I’ve learned to maintain my vitality living with a disease that wants to stop me in my tracks. The VIBRANTs are the perspective through which I view the world. They were a motivating factor behind my memoir, Shadow Summit, and they are the focus of my work as […]

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