“Sitting in the audience, I couldn’t help but feel the roller coaster life Jon has lived. For him to find a way to turn his tragedy into a life of well-being and vibrancy for others to benefit is truly exceptional.” —Brendan Shepherd, Digital Media Sales Executive, Viacom

View the video below to see Jon’s inspirational story first-hand.

Each year, Jon Chandonnet engages hundreds of people across dozens of audiences speaking about:

1. The 7 Keys to Vibrant Well-Being (Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions, Professional Pursuits, Financial Abundance, and Community)

2. Hope to those facing significant life challenges (especially chronic disease) that improvement is possible with a healthy lifestyle.

3. Grounded techniques that allow anyone to truly live their best life.

“I read somewhere that courage is not fearlessness. Rather, it’s taking action despite fear and coming out on the other side knowing that you are still alive, and in Jon Chandonnet’s case – vibrant! Jon’s message is inspiring for us all. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to hear him speak.” —Steve de Brun, Co-Founder, StockTouch

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