How to Shine a VIBRANT Shine

Do You Shine a VIBRANT Shine?

You might say, “Sounds alluring, but what exactly does it means to Shine a VIBRANT Shine?”

What It Doesn’t Mean

We’ll start with what it doesn’t mean. Shining a VIBRANT shine is the opposite of distraction and unconscious consumption of messages blasting at every turn. It doesn’t mean mindlessly following the script others want you to follow or not knowing your value or purpose. It’s not eating and drinking things that lead to ill health, and it doesn’t mean sitting on the couch and letting life pass you by. It’s the opposite of being scared about your financial future and throwing money at unneeded shiny objects that sit on shelves. It doesn’t mean allowing emotions like worry or fear to guide your decisions or for anger to cause momentary reactions that require later clean-up. It doesn’t mean disconnection from those around you or not realizing the miracle of your life.

What it Does Mean

Shining a VIBRANT shine means being conscious of the people you spend time with, and understanding their impact on your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choices, and actions. It’s eating and drinking things that keep your body healthy. It’s getting regular exercise, breathing deep, as well as getting enough sleep and sunshine. Shining a VIBRANT shine is an awareness of thoughts running through your mind, the actions they generate, and the results they yield. It means a profession that serves others, makes a difference, and builds self-worth. It’s a perspective of abundance and making financial decisions that support your desired lifestyle. It’s an awareness of feelings and harmony with decisions that feelings lead you to make. It means a sense of connection with those around you and an appreciation for the miracle of your life.

Everyone wants their most VIBRANT shine. That’s a no brainer, right?

We all want to shine a VIBRANT shine, but are you doing what’s needed to generate it? Because you’re responsible for the shine you generate. Are you blocking or nurturing your shine? If you’re out of alignment with your optimal being state, maybe blocking it unknowingly because of what you’re thinking or doing or not thinking or doing, you won’t generate your most VIBRANT shine. It’s that simple.

Your Shine is Generated at Your Core

What you think, and how you feel are at the core of your being? Your shine originates from your core. Are you confident and focused with a solid sense of purpose, or are you anxious and nervous, speaking but not saying what you intend and not generating the desired life dis-connected from your truth? Desires manifest into action from your core. Your conversations emanate from your core being to generate what you have. The quality of your shine radiates from your core, internal being, that’s where it all starts.

The 3 Steps to Generate Your Most VIBRANT Shine

The quality of your being (thoughts and feelings) is Step 1 in the creation of “you”. Thoughts and feelings trigger what you do. This is Step 2 in the creation of you that leads to results Step 3—what you have. The essence of VIBRANT being is understanding how your being (thoughts, feelings) generate what you do (actions, habits) and result in what you have.

The VIBRANTs Reflect Core Being

You’re responsible for your generated life reflection. What you put in your body that donut, green drink, steak, or wheatgrass shot. The things running through your mind whether worry, fear or positive affirmation. The things done to exercise or not. Your mindfulness around money. How you tap your will in your profession. Your conversations and interactions with others. Your sense of spiritual connection. How you deal with your emotions, and your state of being in the moment. They all impact the quality of your shine either positive or negative. As a result, you hold responsibility for your generated life in your heart, mind, and hand.

The 7 VIBRANTs act like a prism to reflect the results of your being and spotlight what your being generates. VIBRANT reflections enable a clear understanding of the life you’re generating from the inside out. The 7 VIBRANTs serve as a compass for a healthy, harmonious life. The elements that work together synergistically to cultivate an environment of VIBRANT being—your “best life.” Being leads to doing resulting in having. It’s simple math: 1 (being) + 2 (doing) = 3 (what you have). The VIBRANTs allow you to assess the quality of your being which generates your life.

Being in Constant Flux

Your being shine is in constant flux—all the time in every moment based on what you’re exposed to—the things entering and moving through you and how you react. As much as you might like things not to change, your state of being isn’t static-state realized one-time. The key is how you react to external stimuli and situations, so your reaction leads to the desired result. That may sound challenging and to do so may require a different way of being, but it’s possible though may require a change in being and doing to impact what you have. We’re a continuous work in progress—a constant being generation machine. The 7 VIBRANTs help you understand what you consciously and unconsciously generate from your core.

Your external reflection of being is based on your seven internal being states— physical(body), emotional, professional, financial, social, mental(mind), and spiritual(spirit)—simply put the 7 VIBRANTs. They’re rooted in eons of human experience and wisdom passed through time in Sanskrit and aligned with the 7 body chakra points or energy centers.

The Key to VIBRANT Being

The key to VIBRANT being is what’s happening right NOW, in this moment in each VIBRANT being center. This is where you create “you” in the now that radiates out to create the reflection of “you” that lives into the future. You can’t actively focus on each VIBRANT in the moment. It’s difficult to focus on more than one VIBRANT being center in the moment. The idea of multi-tasking is a myth according to Dave Crenshaw. The truth is you need to give each of the 7 VIBRANTs a bit of focus and attention over the course of the 7-day week. This allows you to confirm each on the right track, but you can only focus on one in the moment. That’s the key to how you generate your most VIBRANT self.

Everything that has happened in the past is gone. You can learn from it that’s the best use for things in the past, but the “you” of the future is generated NOW.

Why I’m Obsessed With the 7 VIBRANTs

I’m consumed with VIBRANT being living with a disease that takes about a quarter of my energy off the top for the opportunity to wake each day. I’ve lived with multiple sclerosis for over twenty years, and I want to live my best life despite my circumstance. I discovered being (thoughts and feelings) generates my actions and leads to results—what I have. This process allows me to understand my generated life from the inside out.

Awareness of being has another benefit. Awareness allows more efficient movement through the day and enables a more VIBRANT shine despite my circumstance. I can’t afford to waste energy being or doing things that take me off track from my most VIBRANT shine. Can you?

Where are your thoughts, desires, beliefs, choices, actions, and habits taking you? Do you like the result? If not, we should talk.

Do shine your most VIBRANT shine or not? I coach people to shine their most VIBRANT shine and live their best life. The first step is to complete a VIBRANT Assessment to get a sense of your current shine and identify where to focus for greater brilliance. Reach out at if you want to connect. Thanks!