Reclaiming a VIBRANT perspective

VIBRANT perspective

A VIBRANT perspective-Santa Monica Beach

Following is a testimonial from a coaching client I have been working with over the last year. 

Jon Chandonnet has been an integral part of my healthcare team this past year, and his influence on my ability to live well, with late stage breast cancer, has played a large role. Jon has helped me see, largely by his example, that a disease like MS, or cancer, does not have to be a death sentence; in fact, it can be the very thing that makes you live more “vibrantly”, to use Jon’s words. Before Jon, I had read about people, even doctors, who held such opinions, but only after working with Jon can I say, from my own experience, that it is possible to reclaim one’s health.

Key to Reclaiming a VIBRANT Perspective

I’m a single, 43-year old woman who, for 3 years, has worked hard at not giving into the fears associated with cancer. I’m interested in thriving, not simply surviving. But before Jon came along, I had a difficult time managing the various facets of my life (mental, physical, emotional health, work, social), and I so wanted a life coach – someone who could help me view things from a broader perspective, from a place where I can imagine possibilities beyond the ones I’m limited to when feeling overwhelmed or stuck in my circumstances. Whether you have a life-threatening disease or not, life comes with a great deal of decision-making, choices; and the more you have on your plate, the more stressful those decisions are to make (so much so they can become paralyzing). Jon has helped me work out medical, personal, and professional issues through being a connected listener and by sharing thoughtful and pragmatic insights.

I attribute Jon’s wisdom to the diversity of his experience: his corporate background left him with an important understanding of the mainstream world, and his bout with MS woke him up to the world that exists inside us all. As a result, Jon is a highly intelligent, thinking and feeling being whose wisdom is invaluable to those of us trying to integrate the challenging task of finding happiness while maintaining the bills in today’s world. It’s also helpful that Jon has a holistic view of health, integrating both Western and Eastern Medicine. This allows him to see M.S., something normally labeled a degenerative disease, as a teacher, a guide, a dancing partner, an internal private investigator. I share Jon’s views and rely on his comradery because taking such a bold, unconventional stance is nearly impossible to do, and succeed at, alone.

I’m writing from my Los Feliz home’s rooftop where I sometimes do yoga, journal, or meditate on birds flying above my neighborhood. Soon I will venture out for a good long hike up to the top of Griffith Park. I was not in such a peaceful, healthy  place a year ago, and Jon Chandonnet deserves a lot of credit for that.

Elaine Theresa Smith

I am grateful to Elaine for writing this piece. Thank you!

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