Maximize Energy with the VIBRANTs

Life is a game of energy—everything we think or do either builds or depletes energy. What you put in your body that donut, deep-fried Mars bar, or wheatgrass shot; the things running through your mind whether worry, fear or positive affirmation; they all impact energy positively or negatively.

We All Want to Maximize Energy, Right . . . ?

7 VIBRANTS, Jon Chandonnet, Maximize Energy

Jon Holding Wheatgrass

We all want to maximize energy. I’m stating the obvious, but I’m going to say it again. We all we want to maximize energy.

That’s the thing, we all want it, but are we really doing the things that bring us energy and avoid the things that drain or block energy. If you’re living out of alignment with your body’s natural energy flow or blocking it unknowingly because of what you’re doing or thinking, you won’t be living your most VIBRANT life. It’s that simple.

Getting the energy to flow more easily could be a matter of minor alterations to your daily routine—your habits. What you eat for breakfast; what you listen to as you drive to work, whether you take a walk at lunch or not; what you talk about around the dinner table; how you track your expenses, or the thoughts you allow to run through your head when your head hits the pillow at the end of the day.

7 Principal States of Being

There are seven principal states of being that show how we’re collecting and reflecting energy. You’ve maybe heard of them as chakras. We see them a little different and call them the 7 VIBRANTs.

They embody our well-being. They’re how we experience life. They focus thought and action to attract and reflect energy into the most critical aspects of your life with a goal to maximize energy.

How We Can Assist You

Our purpose at Vibrant Living Inc. is to assist you to align your energy centers with the VIBRANTs—to focus your thoughts and actions so you can attract and reflect greater energy into your life and live most VIBRANT-ly.

The VIBRANTs are like your dog sled team. Get your seven puppies humming and harness your potential to live your best life.

If you’re interested in a free VIBRANT assessment to spot light opportunities to improve your energy and vibrancy, email me at There are three more free VIBRANT assessment spots available. If you’d like to claim one, let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you! There’s no down side and the upside is based on the opportunities you want to pursue.

Do you want to make your life more VIBRANT?