Master your life practicing the 7 VIBRANTs 

Might sound bold, but I believe life mastery begins with an understanding that all we are, is what moves through us—our thoughts, rote beliefs, feeling, routine actions, and habits generated by the things we eat, drink, think, smell, listen to, and breathe.

Every moment influences who we are and is an opportunity to live the desired life mindful of the things entering and moving through us. If choices are made aligned with what you want, the desired life unfolds. Might be obvious, but how many of us are doing it?

Master Your Life, Jon Chandonnet, 7 VIBRANTsThink about it, very little that you allow into your body or moving through you is outside your ability to influence. Consider your situation. You’re a life generation machine responsible for the result. Do you take time to think about what you’re creating? Are you generating the desired life?

Master Your Life

By examining thoughts, actions and habits through the prism of 7 VIBRANTs, the primary states of being, countless opportunities appear to enhance your life vibrancy and live your desired life.

The 7 states are: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, financial, and social. Simply put: the 7 VIBRANTs. These states of being are based on eons of life experience passed through Sanskrit.

Since the 7 VIBRANTs reflect your life, looking at your holistic experience through them enables you to clearly see which is excelling and which is lagging. Like a prism, the VIBRANTs allow you to separate principal life elements and identify where to focus for enhanced vibrancy.

Focus thought and action to attract and reflect the most energy into your life. Get all aligned and focused to live your most VIBRANT life.

I assist people to take an objective look at their life, to ask the hard questions and determine if they’re living the desired life. If all’s good, great! If not, we can work together.

It’s in your hands.

My story

I looked Multiple Sclerosis, a disease bringing on paralysis, in the eye and asked what I needed to do to live a more VIBRANT, holistic life. MS is a disease that often leads to great ambiguity, anxiety, and suffering. The medical and scientific community aren’t sure what causes it. They do know how to diagnose it, and I have it.

I denied the MS for years until it brought me to my knees and gave me no choice but to pay attention. After mindful listening, reflection, and action, what I found amazed me. I discovered I could influence the trajectory of the disease and life, through deliberate action. Let me be honest, it didn’t happen over night. It was like changing the destination of a speeding train headed through the Rockies to San Francisco from Denver and ending up in LA.

But I altered my course. The result was better health, clearer thinking, relationships that served me, work that fulfilled me, emotions that enriched my life and didn’t lead to unintended consequences, a financial existence of abundance and prosperity rather than anxiety and scarcity.

The point is, I shifted the trajectory of my life with failing health, a new bride, and a job that wasn’t headed in the right direction. I found a life of health, harmony, happiness and hope aligned with the 7 VIBRANTs.

Are you living your best life? Do you want to make changes? If so, let’s talk. My email address is