Making the Impossible Happen

On December 16, 1903, the day before Wilbur

Make Impossible Happen

Wright Brothers in Position to make impossible happen

Wright flew his plane off a sand dune in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, it was thought to be impossible to control an aircraft in flight.

On May 28, 1953, the day before Tenzing Norgay and Edmond Hillary stood on the summit of Mount Everest, it was believed a person would never reach the summit of the highest mountain on Earth.

On May 5, 1954, the day before Roger Bannister ran a sub four-minute-mile, the feat was believed impossible.

On May 16, 1954, the day before the Supreme Court ruled segregated public schools were unconstitutional, it was believed children of different races should not attend the same public school.

On September 21, 1981, the day before Sandra Day O’Connor was confirmed to the Supreme Court, it was believed a woman would never sit on the bench.

The Very Next Day

Each rock solid belief crumbled, and consciousness took a step forward—the Impossible Happened.

None of these things happened by chance. Wilbur Wright didn’t suddenly find himself piloting an aircraft, Roger Banister didn’t suddenly find himself streaking across the finish line, and Sandra Day O’Connor wasn’t chosen by chance.

Key to Making the Impossible Happen

It took repeated, sustained action to create an environment for each event to occur. Key events in my life haven’t just happened either. I didn’t wake up one morning more healthy. I didn’t sit down one day to write and the next day have a complete, edited manuscript.

Each result started with a desire. a deep, soul tugging drive that led to repeated, consistent action that eventually enabled the desired result to happen.

Key Take-away

The stories of others as well as personal experience have led to a greater appreciation for what can be. No outcome is guaranteed, but it is impossible to achieve a desired outcome unless  consistent action is taken in the direction of the desired goal.

What is Possible?

As you think of the year ahead, what do you want to make happen?