Life is a Game of Energy

Our bodies are living, breathing reflections of how we hold, reflect, and transfer energy.

Obvious, right . . . ?

But think about it . . .

Everything we do either contributes to or diminishes energy

Our bodies have seven energy states that reflect how we collect, reflect, and transmit energy. They embody our sense of well-being and reflect our experience. The 7 energy states are: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, financial, and social. Simply put: the 7 VIBRANTs.

Since the 7 VIBRANTs reflect your life, looking at your holistic experience through them enables you to clearly see which is excelling and which is lagging. Like a prism, the VIBRANTs allow you to separate principal life states and identify where to focus for enhanced vibrancy.

VIBRANT Living, Jon Chandonnet, energyThe VIRANT energy states Mapped to the Body

The body focal point for the physical state is the base of the spine. Moving up from there is the emotional state centered in the sex organs from there the professional state centered at the solar plexis then the financial state, a reflection of abundance, centered in the heart. The social state centered in the throat the mental state centered in the mind. Finally the spiritual state centered at the crown of the head.

This isn’t some ad hoc construct developed on a whim. Its collective wisdom gathered over eons passed down through Sanskrit.

The 7 VIBRANTS encompass a broad swath of life, and you don’t need to work on all of them in the moment. Best to focus on one at a time—which allows the philosophy of each to coalesce and influence thought, habit, and desire. At the same time, if any of these are omitted, unwanted imbalances can develop.

Focus thought and action to attract and reflect the most energy into your life. Get all aligned and focused to live your most VIBRANT life.

This is very important: Even though you can (and should) work on one VIBRANT at a time, to truly bring your life to the top of the mountain, you need all 7 to become active and energized, working together in synchronicity and harmony.

Life is a game of energy, are you reflecting what you want?

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