How I Made a Quantum Leap

I came to Quantum Leap, Steve Harrison’s publicity and book marketing program, over a year ago. I just published my memoir, Shadow Summit and could write narrative pros that engaged and inspired. I had no concept how to create, build, and grow a business around an idea. I started Quantum Leap with the goal to build an author platform and attract publicity to my story. No idea of the actions required to realize the desire. The journey began with this simple goal, and I set off on my way.

Achieve solid results

Powerfully grew my social media presence. My Facebook community, jonchandonnet_author, grew from 350 to 3,000 members nearly 10x growth. My Twitter community, JonChandonnet, grew from 50 to over 200,000 nearly 4000x growth. Accomplished through an organic follower strategy—real followers, none purchased.

Routinely published content here on my blog,, and on my Facebook author and Twitter pages to find my community and clarify my message.

Developed relationships with prominent leaders in the health and well being market such as the Food Matters people who posted a feature article about me and my story on their website and Facebook page. Cultivated a relationship with Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project who aired a Good Life Project episode about my story and the book. Had my story featured by a Huffington Post Blogger.

Received fourteen five star reviews on for Shadow Summit.

Through numerous Quantum Leap coaching sessions, I realized something much more powerful than growth of my Facebook, Twitter, or website communities to promote my book. Nine months in, I realized my enterprise brand is not the book, Shadow Summit. The brand is broader, more resonant, and more relevant. Something incredible unfolded while writing routine blog posts, publishing daily on Facebook and Twitter. The constant action, connection, feedback, reflection, and adjustment fostered through Quantum Leap enabled a shift.

Creation of an Enterprise Brand

The brand the 7 VIBRANTs came into focus—a mindset that captures the essence of my well being journey and habits. The 7 VIBRANTs encapsulate the shift in thought and action experienced during my healing journey told in Shadow Summit. The philosophy allowed me to take responsibility for my health and the outcome of my life and no longer play the role of a victim.

I registered a trademark for the 7 VIBRANTs through the United States Patent and Trademark office (USPTO) the mark accepted. I developed an assessment tool for the 7 VIBRANTs and use the philosophy as the basis of my growing life coaching business. I serve others to realize their potential and assist them to increase their life vibrancy. The 7 VIBRANTs trademark, the core of my business, is leading to the creation of online information products and group coaching programs based on the brand to powerfully serve others.

Without the Quantum Leap community, I would not have had the courage, conviction, and support to throw off the blinders and think outside the box beyond publicizing the book. I wouldn’t have had the support to try, test, fail, and develop clearer vision.

The Quantum LeapVIBRANT Living, leap of faith, Jon Chandonnet

The Shadow Summit story is the kernel of the 7 VIBRANTs brand, but the biggest leap I made through the program is the realization that Shadow Summit doesn’t sing as powerfully and clearly as I want. The story has the power to inspire and move people to action but doesn’t realize its potential as told in Shadow Summit.

I hold my punches and gloss over the difficulty and hardship of living with a disease that wants to stop me in my tracks. I paint too optimistic a picture and don’t include enough emotion and drama about the fear, anger, high-jacked dreams, and heightened anxiety of life with multiple sclerosis.

I told the story like a water bug, flitting across the surface. I didn’t stop to fully engage the reader in the drama and truth of my circumstance. I have found a writing community led by editor and agent Toni Lopololo to help me find the gold in my story.

I found truth and my path through involvement with Quantum Leap and am deeply thankful for all the Quantum Leap community has allowed me to realize. The reality of this realization could be a tough pill to swallow, but the truth sets me free and will allow me to realize my potential. I hope I have the strength, courage, and conviction to take the required steps.