The 7 VIBRANTs. Energy to Naturally Fuel Your Life.

            Life’s Energy and Energy’s life. Obvious, probably . . . but have you ever really thought about it? Energy fuels cars, heats homes, washes clothes and chills food. Energy powers our life. But there’s a more important application of energy than to power things and that’s energy to naturally fuel your Life. The question is how to use energy to naturally fuel your life.

Generate a VIBRANT U.

        Ever asked yourself the question how you generate and optimize energy to create the life you want?

            Do you have a sense how you generate and use  energy throughout your day to know how you manage this vital resource? 

How Energy Naturally Fuels Your Life

            I’ve become obsessed with how I use energy to fuel my life. The use, conservation, and optimization of energy because I live with multiple sclerosis (MS). My body leaks energy due to frayed nerves, and the result is a portion of my energy is taken off the top each morning for the opportunity to face the day. It’s like having 25% of your income taken out of every paycheck as tax, and the energy tax paid the moment my eyes open to be made up throughout the day. I’ve had to look close at how I use energy to naturally fuel my life.

            Circumstance forced learning about how my body uses energy to find ways to compensate for the energy tax. The search began as an obsession with physical energy. Research uncovered seven distinct energies that make us who we are. They’re Physical, Emotional, Professional, Financial, Social, Mental, and Spiritual (aka the 7 VIBRANTs), and the goal to make the most of and not waste energy at each center. The purpose of the 7 VIBRANTs—to keep tabs on energy use at each center to generate the most VIBRANT reflection despite circumstance faced.

7 Distinct Body Energies

  1.  Physical energy, the energy of life force or ‘chi’ in eastern philosophy.
  2. Emotional energy the energy of feeling.
  3. Professional energy, the energy of purpose, will or desire.
  4. Financial energy, the energy of love, service, and abundance.
  5. Social energy, the energy of voice, communication and sound.
  6. Mental energy, the energy of the mind or thought.
  7. Spiritual energy, energy of connection between all living things.

            These energies, referred to as the 7 VIBRANTs, combine to generate the life lived.

            Body energy awareness evolved through human conscious first explained in Sanskrit more than two thousand years ago. Each energy center a different and distinct frequency, color and sound. This validated through science. These seven energies combine to generate our individual full spectrum shine.

How It Works

            Thought much about how your body generates and uses energy to fuel your life? Maybe, maybe not.

            Maybe you want to make the most of your energy but unaware how? Whether you realize it or not, you’re responsible for the reflection you generate. The generated life happens along the continuum from deep within. The generated life starts with elemental feeling and thought, filtered through belief impacted by choice, decision, action, then habit to take you somewhere in every moment whether conscious or not. The question. Are you going where you want to go? How deliberate and mindful is your generated life reflection? How mindful are you about how you harness native body energy? Do you leaking body energy at any of the seven centers unknowingly? A powerful opportunity exists to power your best life more deliberately tuned into the 7 VIBRANTs.

Where it Starts

            What you put in your body. The donut, green drink, side of beef, or wheatgrass shot. The things running through your mind whether focus or worry. Fear or positive affirmation. The things done to exercise or not. Mindfulness around money. Either scarcity or abundance. How you tap your will at work to transform desire into destiny. The people you surround yourself with and the quality of your interactions either affirming or not and how you deal with emotions. How you serve the needs of others. Your state of being in every moment. Each action impacts the brightness of your shine in a positive or negative way. It’s binary and can be tracked based on the results of what you have. 

            The 7 VIBRANTs track binary acts of being and doing at each essential center that fuel your life. The physical, emotional, professional, financial, social, mental, and spiritual centers encompass our full daily life experience. They’re used to understand whether routine actions generate the desired reflection or not. The 7 VIBRANTs allow greater consciousness about how individual decisions contribute to the life you lead, so over time you deliberately generate the live you want. This is how to understand how you use the seven native energy centers to power your life. Do you waste energy or not?

The Value

            The 7 VIBRANTs aren’t about adding something else to your already overflowing plate. The VIBRANTs are about a more intentional use of precious resources—time, energy, and money generate the desired life with greater ease, and focus. They VIBRANTs are a tool to filter and simplify your life. Because less is more, and focused being and doing lead to the desired having result with greater ease. Energy conservation is all over the news, but applied to things outside of you. What about the most important application of energy . . . how you use energy to naturally fuel your life?

            Become more intentional about the live you generate. So next year, 5, 10, or even 20 years down the road, you don’t look back and wonder how you got where you are. Because the generated life happens through the daily routine, and mundane activity whether you like it or not, so take stock today.

Let’s Connect

            Please reach out at, if you want to understand what’s happening at each of your 7 VIBRANT body energy centers. Do your binary actions (being and doing) at each center lead to the desired result or not? Let’s take a look, and you’re guaranteed to learn a lot.

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