Maximize Energy with the VIBRANTs

7 VIBRANTS, Jon Chandonnet, Maximize Energy

Life is a game of energy—everything we think or do either builds or depletes energy. What you put in your body that donut, deep-fried Mars bar, or wheatgrass shot; the things running through your mind whether worry, fear or positive affirmation; they all impact energy positively or negatively. We All Want to Maximize Energy, Right […]

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A STAND for the 7 VIBRANTs; Jon Chandonnet

Last weekend I attended the introductory workshop for a 9-month course I’m starting called The Money Course: Master Your Money Transform Your Life. I enrolled wanting to change my relationship with money. I’ve let my finances slide over the past few years. I put greater emphasis on my health, professional development, and spiritual well-being and […]

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Life is easy, right? (Free VIBRANT Check-up)

Free VIBRANT Offer, Life is Easy

Your actions flow naturally from your thoughts. (Mental)  Your body has the energy you want and need. (Physical) You appreciate the incredible world unfolding around you and make the most of it. (Spiritual) You ride your emotions to create the desired reality. (Emotional) You’re aligned with your inner drive which fuels your efforts. (Professional) You […]

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7 VIBRANTs: The Secrets to Living a Great Life


The 7 VIBRANTs are at the heart of what I’ve come to realize about nurturing an environment that allows me to live my best life. I’m building a business around the 7 VIBRANTs. I’ve registered a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. I’ve developed assessment tools that allow people to get a sense […]

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Talk About Medicines Month

October is talk about medicines month, and I wrote this post for the American Recall Center, a site devoted to providing up-to-date medical drug and device recall news in simple, straightforward terms. Diagnosis When diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), seventeen years ago, my doctors immediately wanted to put me on the new blockbuster MS therapy, Betaseron. […]

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The Canary in the Coal Mine

Canary in the coal mine

I’m conscious of what enters my body through my mouth, eyes, ears, nose, and skin. I’ve come to realize, inputs, combined with thought and habit, are key to maintaining my health. In fact, All I am is what gets into my body, combined with thought and habit. I see things this simply. I scrutinize menus, […]

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Revolution Inciting Incident

Revolution Inciting Incident Explained Last spring I enrolled in Jonathan Fields’ inaugural Revolution U course. He created it after building a number of successful businesses. He noticed they behaved like political revolutions and wanted to explore the connection. According to Jonathan, It began as a personal research project, exploring how mass movements, revolutions, evangelist organizations and […]

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