Well-Being From Within

Shadow Summit, discover well-being from wothin

Question Is well-being something you search for and happen on like the fountain of youth? Is it something you stumble on or, even better, purchase on Amazon. Maybe you push the easy button and add well-being to your shopping cart. At home you click the down load button and install the file. A warm glow […]

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How to Shine a VIBRANT Shine

Do You Shine a VIBRANT Shine? You might say, “Sounds alluring, but what exactly does it means to Shine a VIBRANT Shine?” What It Doesn’t Mean We’ll start with what it doesn’t mean. Shining a VIBRANT shine is the opposite of distraction and unconscious consumption of messages blasting at every turn. It doesn’t mean mindlessly […]

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Life is a Game of Energy

VIBRANT Living, Jon Chandonnet, energy

Our bodies are living, breathing reflections of how we hold, reflect, and transfer energy. Obvious, right . . . ? But think about it . . . Everything we do either contributes to or diminishes energy Our bodies have seven energy states that reflect how we collect, reflect, and transmit energy. They embody our sense […]

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How I Made a Quantum Leap

VIBRANT Living, leap of faith, Jon Chandonnet, Quantum Leap

I came to Quantum Leap, Steve Harrison’s publicity and book marketing program, over a year ago. I just published my memoir, Shadow Summit and could write narrative pros that engaged and inspired. I had no concept how to create, build, and grow a business around an idea. I started Quantum Leap with the goal to build […]

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Finding A Way Back to The Dream

The Dream

Living the Dream Handled all obstacles with grace and ease. Led teams to develop software applications that streamlined businesses and launched startups; finished three marathons and climbed five 14,000 foot California peaks; was about to be engaged to the girl of my dreams with a well paying job at a company on the move. The […]

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Maximize Energy with the VIBRANTs

7 VIBRANTS, Jon Chandonnet, Maximize Energy

Life is a game of energy—everything we think or do either builds or depletes energy. What you put in your body that donut, deep-fried Mars bar, or wheatgrass shot; the things running through your mind whether worry, fear or positive affirmation; they all impact energy positively or negatively. We All Want to Maximize Energy, Right […]

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