Last weekend I attended the introductory workshop for a 9-month course I’m starting called The Money Course: Master Your Money Transform Your Life. I enrolled wanting to change my relationship with money. I’ve let my finances slide over the past few years. I put greater emphasis on my health, professional development, and spiritual well-being and loosened my grip on finances. Those priorities are in a good place, and I can take the time to upgrade my beliefs and habits around money. I want to align them with the Financial VIBRANT and achieve a greater a sense of ease and abundance regarding money.

During the workshop, Lynne Twist, Jon Chandonnet; Taking a STAND for the 7 VIBRANTsauthor of the acclaimed book, The Soul of Money, and one of three workshop leads, presented a session explaining the difference between taking a position and taking a stand. Her point was that taking a stand brings greater purpose and energy to what you do, as opposed to organizing work around a position. The distinction resonated. I’m all about bringing greater energy or vibrancy to what I do and was eager to hear more.

Lynne explained taking a position tends to be a reaction to a point of view in an argument in favor of or opposed to a specific belief. She used the example of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). She gave an example to illustrate the point,

“I’m against the use of GMOs in American Farming.”

It’s a statement rooted almost exclusively in rational thought—a position in the argument about being for or against GMOs. It has an individual sense and lacks emotional connection.

She said a stand, on the other hand, has a soul tugging sense that conjures an emotional connection. She used the example,

“I stand against the use of GMOs in American Farming.”

Meaning she stood shoulder to shoulder with the group of people against GMOs in American Farming. The word stand has a sense of collective power as well as a sense of personal physical association. It carries a sense of identification and commitment. Because of the sense of personal identification there is a soul tugging nature to the idea of taking a stand. 


I am 100% committed to the philosophy of the 7 VIBRANTs. It’s the filter through which I orient my thoughts and actions. Doing so allows me to live with greater energy, a sense of vibrancy, and ease.

Will you stand for the 7 VIBRANTs?