7 VIBRANTs: The Secrets to Living a Great Life

The 7 VIBRANTs are at the heart of what I’ve come to realize about nurturing an environment that allows me to live my best life. I’m building a business around the 7 VIBRANTs. I’ve registered a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. I’ve developed assessment tools that allow people to get a sense of how their life is aligned with them and where to focus to grow their vibrancy. This document represents my best thinking around the 7 VIBRANTs. 

You are my most trusted community, please take a minute to give them a read and let me know what you think. Thank you; You are helping me build a better business.


What does a ‘great life’ mean to you?7 VIBRANTS

Maybe it means a good job and enough money to buy the things you want. Maybe it means spending quality time with loved ones. Maybe it means having the energy to do things… to feel fulfilled and alive! Maybe it means all of these things. Actually, I hope so.

When first diagnosed with MS, a ‘great life’ meant being in denial of the disease, pushing life’s accelerate button, and living according to my pre-diagnosis beliefs—strong mind, sound body, solid profession… and lots of money. I watched those around me achieve success based on this formula, and it seemed to be the answer. It was what I knew, and I doubled down on the philosophy. I pushed hard to have it all while looking over my shoulder, trying to outrun the disease. Fear of paralysis lurked. It wasn’t guaranteed, but it was a distinct possibility.

The work hard/play hard, pedal-to-the-metal mind-set was fine for the first couple of years. It allowed me to accomplish many goals, but it eventually ran its course. The collaboration of the disease, my ego, and the force of my will drove me into a ditch. Life crashed down around me. I could barely walk, talk, think or feel.

While lying in the ditch, trying to piece my life back together, I came to a striking realization: neither my pre-diagnosis beliefs nor denial was the key to living a great life. The key was the profound understanding that I had the power. I could change my thoughts and habits to influence life to go in the direction I wanted.

I slowed down, turned inward, and began to listen to my intuition. I explored new ways of thinking, upgraded my habits, and revised my actions. (Let me admit this: for a rationally-centered guy, loosening up on the left-brain, logical approach took time before I got my life headed in the right direction.) Doing so eventually led me to harmony and to improved health. It put me on course to the life I desired.

In the process, I came to the profound realization there were seven essential elements that nurtured the ‘great life’ I wanted. They were mental, physical, spiritual and emotional as well as professional, financial, and social well-being. I call them The 7 VIBRANTS. They became my new well-being compass, the formula for a healthy, harmonious life…the elements that work together synergistically to nurture an environment of VIBRANT well-being.

From the dictionary…

VIBRANT: adjective…full of energy and enthusiasm

  • quivering; pulsating
  • bright and striking
  • strong or resonating

The 7 VIBRANTs encompass a broad swath of life, but you don’t need to work on all of them in the moment. It’s best to focus on one at a time—which allows the philosophy of each to influence thought, habit, and desire. At the same time, if any of these are omitted, unwanted imbalances can develop.

This is very important: Even though you can (and should) work on one Vibrant at a time, to truly bring your life to the top of the mountain, you need all 7 to be active and energized, working together in synchronicity and harmony.

Following is an explanation of each VIBRANT.



Deepak Chopra says an individual has roughly 60,000 thoughts a day. Christopher Alexander says there are a dozen patterns that routinely happen over the course of a day and make up our existence. According to Alexander, they will differ by individual. They could include:

being in bed, having a shower, having breakfast in the kitchen, sitting in my study writing, walking in the garden, cooking and eating lunch at the office with friends, going to the movies, taking the family to eat at a restaurant, going to bed again (There are a few more routine events, but these mentioned  give a sense of the routine of daily life.)

This leads to the question; are you leveraging your thoughts and actions to create your ideal life? Know this: You have the power to change them: whenever…



The body is the medium through which conscious existence is experienced. The body’s ability to function is based on the things that fuel it, whether food, water, thoughts or emotions. You have to put in the right stuff to most effectively move through your day. Do you remember GIGO?

GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out): n. the axiom that faulty data fed into a computer will result in distorted information.

The paramount question regarding your body is uncomplicated: Is it allowing you to have the drive and endurance to do what you really want? If not, change the inputs and your habits to get the desired result.

Otherwise: GIGO!


Spirituality is unique and personal. At the most basic level, I believe we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. This means allowing spirit, one’s true authentic self, to express itself in the moment.

Living in integrity with spirit is about having a vital relationship, a sense of connection that links us, the universe, and all living things; it’s the profound understanding that everything is part of us, and at the same time, bigger than us. It’s an appreciation for the miracle of life. It’s the gift to see the beauty in all things and a sense that you can make life better for those you come in contact with.

Let’s face it: It’s big and lofty. How does your spiritual view influence your life?


Emotions are the instinctive feelings that arise in the body in response to interactions and experiences. My appreciation for emotions was realized after a number of years living in denial of my fear and anxiety regarding multiple sclerosis. I came to understand that the act of trying so hard to deny what I feared might have actually contributed to it coming true.

It’s crucial to express our feelings. That doesn’t mean they have to guide our actions; feelings need to be expressed in constructive ways.

Having a sense of how to ride the wave of emotion to fuel one’s desired reality is a big responsibility. It’s an art in itself to have the freedom to express emotions and the clarity for that expression to lead to the outcome you want.

Where are your emotions taking you? What emotions are you reluctant to express?


There is one simple, but overriding question to ask yourself regarding professional vibrancy: Is your work aligned with your inherent purpose?

When looked at through the lens of genuine truth, one’s purpose is personal and distinct. It can mean a calling to help others in the practice of medicine or it could mean being an elementary school teacher to see a child’s face light up when learning something new. It could also mean playing the role of a customer service agent because you enjoy helping people solve problems.

Whatever the choice; professional vibrancy is based on your inherent truth.

My purpose is to assist others to live their best lives. Being aligned with your inherent internal drive allows your efforts to flow naturally from your being.

I take a broad view on professional pursuits. To me, it’s more than getting the job done and corralling the required resources to satisfy needs. It includes involvement with civic groups and professional associations, as well as hobbies that are worthwhile and enjoyable, serve others, and engender appreciation.

Are you living in authenticity…aligned with your inherent internal drive?  You’ll know if you are because it will fuel your effort. You’ll know if you aren’t because—well—you always know if you aren’t living your truth. Don’t you?


Financial vibrancy starts with having the resources required to support needs for food, shelter, and clothing. It also means having the money needed for hobbies and activities that engender feelings of value and enjoyment.

You don’t want to hold on too tight to your money. You don’t want to be scared that you don’t have what’s required to support needs and desires. What you do want is a heartfelt perspective of abundance.

I’m sure you’ve heard that word before. Abundance. Abundance is timeless in that it handles your current habits and desires, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future.

Abundance is an attitude. By the way, what’s yours?


“You’re the average of the people you surround yourself.”

We live in the internet age, an era of multitudinous relationship. Yet, many of us are anything but socially vibrant. Too many of us socially bankrupt.

Social vibrancy is knowing that the people around you are a source of encouragement and support…with the ideals you hold true…reinforcing how you feel and act. Having those around you in tune with your beliefs allows them to assist you to make “it” happen.

People want to help—that’s human nature. Here’s my question: Do those around you help you think the thoughts you want, feel the way you want, and support where you want to go?

Or do you seem to be swimming in opposite directions?

Again, my conviction is if any of these are omitted than unwanted imbalances can develop.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can work with you to nurture these in your life, you can find me at www.jonchandonnet.com or email me at jonchandonnet@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you!