Why 7 VIBRANTs Matter

The 7 VIBRANTs matter because life in the Western World lacks the peril or fatality of just a few generations ago. Gone are the days of food instability resulting from weather events such as the mid-west dust bowl. The treat of death or disfigurement from polio, measles or mumps, or threat of the draft. The result of world war. All these threats have disappeared since the 1950s, so in just a few decades life has become more predictable.

This coupled with evolving conveniences, mean the average person spends a fraction of time spent just a few decades ago focused on survival. We spend much less time caring for basic human needs like food prep and eating, dressing, or maintaining a residence—the chores of daily living. Not to mention all the ways technology advances have made life easier.

What do we do with all the additional time?

Do we worry about real or perceived threats, or do we escape with alcohol, drugs, TV, etc? Maybe we avoid unpleasant situations by procrastination, deflection, etc? Or, do we focus and clarify what we want and go make it happen? What’s the answer?

With so many threats eliminated, along with their potential to knock a person from their desired life path, and so much freed time, the individual’s ability and responsibility to determine their own fate has fundamentally shifted. This is where the VIBRANTs Matter. Never before has the average person had so much potential to design and generate their desired life under their terms.

The question is how. Do you have the tools to realize this potential?

New Age of Self-Determination

In this new age of self-determination, how you channel your beliefs, choices, decisions, actions, and habits determines your path to realizing your potential. The life you were truly meant to live is within your hands, heart and mind. But with this freedom comes responsibility. This is the century of designing and generating your own fate.

Generating your best life is an internal game. It’s simple math: 1 (being) + 2 (doing) = 3 (having).

Your best life begins with basic feeling, thought, and desire at your core being. Thoughts, feelings and desires are then filtered through personal beliefs, decisions and choices. This leads to what you do, actions and habits and results in what you have. This is the calculus that determines your life trajectory. But do you have the tools to identify whether you’re on the right track? More important, can you make course corrections to change trajectory if off course?

Why the 7 VIBRANTs Matter

The VIBRANTs act like a prism to reflect the 7 essential elements of your self-reflection, and they allow you to see what your habits of being and doing generate. This enables you to understand whether your generating the desired result, and if not how to course correct. This is why the 7 VIBRANTs matter.

Email me if you want to complete a VIBRANT assessment. The assessment allows you to clearly see what your habits generate and allows you to make course corrections with focused clarity. The purpose is to assist you to get on track to your desired VIBRANT life.